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Learning in Real Time is a site dedicated to bringing together and helping those looking to enhance the quality of collaboration and learning online through the magic of real-time interaction.

The site connects colleagues from across the globe to share ideas about real-time online learning and offers a wide range of free resources and community-based gathering venues and events.

The Learning in Real Time site is also a dynamic companion resource for a new book by the same name. Authored by online learning guru Jonathan Finkelstein and released by Wiley/Jossey-Bass in August 2006, the Learning in Real Time book is a concise and practical resource for anyone teaching live and online or wanting to humanize and improve interaction in their online courses. The book offers keen insight into the world of synchronous learning tools, guides instructors in evaluating how and when to use them, and illustrates how educators can develop their own strategies and styles in implementing such tools to improve online learning.

The centerpiece of the site is the Real Time Minute (RTM), which offers quick tips, musings and reflections to provoke dialogue and help jumpstart or improve real-time online learning experiences.

You can subscribe to the Real Time Minute using the box at the top right corner of this page; we'll send you an email when a new episode is posted. We won't share your address with anyone else. You can also subscribe to the RTM's RSS feed or just visit the site regularly to see the latest contributions.

Have questions you'd like addressed in the Real Time Minute, contact us or, better yet, call our record-by-phone line at 800-609-9006 x8055 (US and Canada) or 678-255-2174 x8055 (outside US and Canada). Your question or comment -- as well as a response! -- may appear in an upcoming edition of the Real Time Minute.

The Learning in Real Time site also provides easy access to the world-renowned community. With over 13,000 members, this free resource is a wonderful place to meet like-minded colleagues from across the education, training, library, museum, lifelong learning continuum. Featuring synchronous meeting spaces, on-demand resources, discussion forums and member networking features, connects visitors to the Learning in Real Time site to an amazing community of peers.

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