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Real Time Minute

The Real Time Minute features tips, musings, and reflections on learning and collaborating online in real time. New RTM episodes are posted by Jonathan Finkelstein, author of Learning in Real Time and executive producer of LearningTimes. Sign Up at the top of this page to receive an email when new episodes are released.

#21 – Feeling Small

In this special Australian outback edition from one of nature’s wonderful places, Jonathan notes that participants in real-time online sessions can sometimes feel small because of the newness of the technology or constraints imposed by a facilitator. He suggests that those leading live online events can look for ways to make participants feel their own size so they are comfortable getting fully involved.

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One Response to “#21 – Feeling Small”

  1. Morri Young Says:

    Hi Jonathon…
    What happened?!? You were in the neighbourhood and didnt drop by for a cookie and a cup of tea!?!?
    I hope your trip to Australia was fun and great, and I do love the Real Time Minute tips…
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work..
    (And next time drop by, ok? what would your zada say!?!)

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