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Real Time Minute

The Real Time Minute features tips, musings, and reflections on learning and collaborating online in real time. New RTM episodes are posted by Jonathan Finkelstein, author of Learning in Real Time and executive producer of LearningTimes. Sign Up at the top of this page to receive an email when new episodes are released.

#22 – The Sound of Silence

In this Australian Outback edition of the Real Time Minute, Jonathan reflects on the value of silence during real-time online sessions.

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2 Responses to “#22 – The Sound of Silence”

  1. Stony River Says:

    Hello Jonathan – from the NT – Yes indeed much of the NT is in Silence – pregnant pauses can lead to other forms of expression – magic for example – NT can be an enormous change/challenge for ppl from NYC – I think you enjoyed your trip DownUnder – many here are still talking about your visit – Many ppl wanted to adopt you – it happens a lot here in AU – Meanwhile Take Care of You – because You are Unique and Special – Enjoy a safe and satisfying, healthy and happy Peaceful Festive Season – Kind regards, Stony :-)

  2. Janis Moody Says:

    Hi Jonathan, Great to see someone talking about the value of silence (and reflection) in online synchronous discussions. It seems that because of the collaborative nature of online learning contributions are deemed central and the dominant pedgagogical approach in online learning (constructivism) underpins this. As a result I think that students who are silent are often viewed quite negatively and that horrible term `lurkers` is applied to them. There is a time for silence and as you say it can be very powerful but living with silence is always difficult – maybe even more so in the online environment. I think the use of silence is something that needs more consideration in online environment (could also be extended to other online activitities) – has anything been written about this or is there any research out there. Best wishes, Janis

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