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Real Time Minute

The Real Time Minute features tips, musings, and reflections on learning and collaborating online in real time. New RTM episodes are posted by Jonathan Finkelstein, author of Learning in Real Time and executive producer of LearningTimes. Sign Up at the top of this page to receive an email when new episodes are released.

#24 – Talk Bubbles

In this edition of the Real Time Minute, Jonathan explores the benefits of offering real-time closed captions for your live online events.

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I’m Jonathan Finkelstein, and this is The Real Time Minute. Thanks for joining me. When conducting real-time online meetings, what do you do to ensure everyone feels included?

One thing you can do to reach everyone in your session is use real-time closed captioning. Subtitling the session ensures that those with hearing impairments aren’t left out.

There are several other benefits, too. Can you think of any?

Closed captioning can be helpful to visual learners and those with different learning styles. I also find that non-native speakers appreciate being able to follow along with the captions. As do those with technical problems. Finally, closed captioning leaves behind a useful artifact of the experience — a searchable written transcript.

Think about how you might use the written word to make your real-time sessions memorable for everyone. Until next time, I’ll see you on the Real Time Minute.

One Response to “#24 – Talk Bubbles”

  1. Greg Stevens Says:

    Brilliant episode! You illustrate beautifully (and in a beautful setting) the value of closed-captioning online events. We’ve been closed-captioning AAM webinars (with LearningTimes) for almost two years now, and the benefits as you’ve described are exactly what our audiences tell us–they really appreciate us making the program more accessible to as many different people as possible. What started as a simple request from one user with a hearing impairment has become a mainstay of our online programming.

    Thanks Jonathan for a great RTM!

    Greg Stevens

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