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Praise for Learning in Real Time:

"Good instruction is all about people. Learning in Real Time focuses on people, relationships, and the power of human dialog. Instructors, learning technologists, and administrators will benefit from Finkelstein's commentary and common sense."

- Diana G. Oblinger,
vice president, EDUCAUSE

Learning in Real Time
"Jam-packed with extremely practical strategies and well-crafted activity ideas, Learning in Real Time goes well beyond the tools and deftly focuses on the process of effective live online learning and collaboration. Anyone teaching, presenting, coaching, or collaborating online will end up with a marked-up, highlighted, and dog-eared copy of this book parked next to their computer."

- Alan Levine,
The New Media Consortium (NMC)

"Finkelstein's real-world guidance on real-time learning advances the cause of quality instruction–online and offline. This book represents an important contribution to the field."

- Deborah L.G. Hutti,
associate vice president, Lake Land College


Review of Learning in Real Time
By Colleen Rolling in eLearn Magazine:

"Learning in Real Time will stimulate your creative juices, and then guide you through the logistics of making your ideas a reality."

Comments on Learning in Real Time
From Heike Philp of LANCELOT School GmbH, an EU-funded virtual training centre for language teachers:

"I have read this book twice already and find it to be the level best I have read so far about the essence of teaching and learning in virtual classrooms." READ MORE ...

Shout Out for Learning in Real Time
From Alan Levine, CogDogBlog:

"I’ve never seen anyone so smoothly handle the logistics and facilitation of the synchronous events done the way Jonathan does ... I can own up that I 'stole' several online presentations strategies I have seen Jonathan use. ... While I am very much a person that prefers to communicate on the asynchronous side of the coin (reading blogs, writing comments, etc), working with Jonathan and LearningTimes in the last few years has re-inforced the importance and value of well designed synchronous activities..." READ MORE ...

Shout Out for Learning in Real Time
From Clive Shepherd, Clive on eLearning, UK:

"If you're looking for a book, you'd do well to try Learning in Real Time by the impressively monikered Jonathan Finkelstein. I particularly like this book because it appears to be primarily aimed at the academic world, where there is a richer tradition of collaborative online learning. The author provides many examples of innovative group activities which would work equally well in a corporate setting and which counterbalance the inevitable steer towards formalised, tutor-centred instruction. ... The author makes a good job of explaining why synchronous events complement asynchronous methods (self-study materials, forums, blogs) within a blended solution, rather than competing." READ MORE ...

Another Shout Out for Learning in Real Time
From Stephanie Eskins Gleason, commenting on CogDogBlog:

"I’ll join in your shout for Learning in Real Time. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. I’ve been attending online conferences for some time and teaching for an online university for five years, and found this book packed with practical information for improving interactions. I will apply what I learned right away. My copy made it into my suitcase when I went on vacation and came back read cover to cover, with underlined passages and all. I may be the first person to read it while on the beach in Vieques … it was that enjoyable!" READ MORE ...

Book Review
By Steve Terrell
Teachers College Record

"The book is a very well thought-out and informative guide to using synchronous tools in distance education; it will prove invaluable to anyone wanting to add a real-time presence to their online learning environments." READ MORE ...

Book Review
Bryan S. Schaffer
The Journal of Effective Teaching

"Learning in Real Time is an invaluable resource for instructors who want to take advantage of synchronous technologies in their online courses. The book provides guidance for how educators can embrace the latest online technologies while still maintaining sound principles of classroom instruction." READ MORE ...

Book Review
By Joyce E. Howland
NACADA Journal

"Finkelstein meant this short book as a guidebook to real-time learning. It succeeds, providing both an introduction to the subject for the beginner and resources for individuals with experience in real-time interactions. ... This book is certainly worth having on your shelf as a reference to real-time or synchronous learning." READ MORE ...

Book Review
By Jane Bozarth
Training Magazine:

"It's nice to see a body of literature growing up around the field of synchronous training. ... The book's second half is a quick-and-dirty overview of possibilities for the 'virtual host,' from managing glitches to adapting activities such as cracker barrels, dyads and fishbowls to the virtual environment. Finkelstein's extensive online teaching experience shines most when he discusses facilitation and class management." READ MORE ...

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