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Jonathan Finkelstein

Jonathan FinkelsteinJonathan Finkelstein, CSTP, is a pioneer in the design and use of synchronous teaching and learning tools. Few people have spent more time in real-time online learning environments facilitating and working with others to create effective learning experiences worthy of the live online medium. Jonathan created the first certification program exclusively designed for educators and trainers teaching live online. He also co-founded one of the industry’s first companies creating platforms for live teaching, learning, interaction, and collaboration over the Internet. Jonathan is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and serves on several editorial and advisory boards for journals and online communities of practice that serve education professionals.

Jonathan is the founder and Executive Producer of and the President of the LearningTimes Network. He has been designing and producing online learning conferences, communities, events and collaborative technologies for all of his professional life. Jonathan has worked closely with a wide range of learning-focused institutions – such as the New York City Department of Education, the University of Hawaii, The Ohio State University, the Smithsonian, Columbia Teachers College, the World Bank, Intuit, MetLife, and the American Library Association – to grow and maintain online learning communities and to foster human interaction live online. Many of his online programs and applications have been recognized with industry awards.

As the Executive Producer of, a free, worldwide community for education and training, Jonathan helps craft a wide variety of online forums – both live and asynchronous – in which education professionals collaborate and learn from peers and industry leaders. Jonathan has also led the formation and growth of the LearningTimes Network, a rapidly growing series of interconnected online learning communities, all of which feature opportunities for both formal and impromptu live online interaction and collaboration. The LearningTimes Network connects education-minded organizations of all kinds, fostering partnerships between educational institutions, associations, corporate entities, museums and other groups whose missions include reaching a global audience of learners.

The son of two New York City public school teachers, Jonathan is a Certified Synchronous Training Professional (CSTP) and received his AB degree cum laude from Harvard University.

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Jonathan Finkelstein is a frequent keynote and featured speaker at industry conferences and is often invited to address organization-specific gatherings - both face-to-face and online. Contact LearningTimes today to invite Jonathan or one of his colleagues to address your group or participate in your function.

Jonathan also leads and coordinates the Certified Synchronous Training Professional (CSTP) program.


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